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About Our Practice

Avenues for Health is an innovative women's medicine practice that is committed to providing excellent care in an individualized way. We integrate our medical knowledge, extensive experience and holistic approach to help our patients find the right "avenue" for optimizing their health.


At Avenues for Health, visits are scheduled to give patient and doctor more time to talk to one another and share information. We offer a variety of services and approaches ranging from comprehensive exams and consultations to acupuncture and herbal therapy to state of the art surgery. This unique combination of skills and knowledge in physicians able to spend more time with each patient makes Avenues for Health a very special place.

Meet Our Physicians

Dr. Karin DeNevi

Dr. Tina Edraki

Dr. Pamela Wang

Dr DeNevi is a women’s health specialist and a board certified OB GYN. She has a special interest in Menopause and Sexual Health. She offers patient centered care that is individualized, up to date and accompanied with wisdom that comes from many years of experience. She is upbeat, smart and easy to talk to. Her patients feel exceptionally well cared for.

Dr. Edraki is a dynamic and experienced board certified OB-GYN. She combines her expert knowledge in gynecologic health, her skill as a gynecologic surgeon with her belief in integrative and alternative therapies. She has a genuinely uplifting presence and instills confidence in her patients.

Dr. Wang is a board certified internist who specializes in delivering comprehensive Primary Care to women. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and personable. She integrates thorough state of the art medical care with nutrition, life style change and acupuncture. She is the quintessential Primary Care Physician that everyone hopes to find.

MonaLisa Touch for Sexual Health

When estrogen levels decline after natural menopause, breast cancer treatment or hysterectomy changes occur that can interfere with sexual satisfaction or day to day comfort. Millions of women experience these changes in their gynecologic health. Up until very recently women  who wanted  treatment found  their options limited.to vaginal estrogen, lubricants and topical anesthetic cream.  Now there is a better way!


MonaLisa Touch laser treatment is a short office procedure. It delivers both immediate and lasting relief that it's clinically proven to work without the use of hormones. After treatment 85-90% of women get dramatic improvement. Many women call it life-changing!


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