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Improve Your Gynecologic Health with the MonaLisa Touch™

If you’re experiencing the uncomfortable side effects associated with menopause, you no longer have to suffer. Common symptoms related to a decrease in estrogen include vaginal dryness, painful sex, vulvar irritation, itching and burning, urinary frequency, urgency and recurrent bladder infections. Rather than letting menopause have a negative impact on your sexual health and personal life, restore vaginal health with the MonaLisa Touch. This minimally invasive laser treatment can improve your gynecologic health including the resumption of satisfying pain free sex. Many women describe it as Life changing!

How Does the MonaLisa Touch Laser Work?

The revolutionary MonaLisa Touch laser delivers tiny pulses of fractional CO2 energy directly to the vaginal walls and to the external vulvar tissue. This initiates a natural healing response that stimulates the production of new collagen, elastin and micro vascularization.  The MonaLisa Touch is engineered and designed specifically to help the genital and urinary tract changes caused by menopause. It restores hydration and plumpness to the tissue and increases lubrication and elasticity to the vaginal walls in post-menopausal women, breast cancer survivors, and women who have undergone a hysterectomy. If you’ve been dealing with vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, vulvar irritation, recurrent urinary tract infections or urinary incontinence MonaLisa Touch treatments can help! These laser treatments  alleviate or reduce these symptoms without causing pain or inconvenient side effects.

What to Expect During MonaLisa Touch Treatments

MonaLisa Touch laser vaginal revitalization treatments are performed in-office by our doctors  and provide both quick and lasting relief. Some women notice results after only one session, but three treatments spaced 6 weeks apart are recommended for the best possible results. MonaLisa Touch internal vaginal laser treatments are not painful. For the external vulvar treatments a topical anesthetic cream is applied prior to beginning to prevent any pain or discomfort. Patients are advised to abstain from sexual activity for 2-3 days following treatment, but are otherwise able to resume their normal activities, no downtime required.


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What Our Patients are Saying About the MonaLisa Touch

...The MonaLIsa Touch procedure is one of the best choices I have ever made to increase the quality of my life, especially my intimate life. I chose to try the MonaLisa procedure because I was experiencing pain and discomfort during intercourse after menopause, which was discouraging and negatively affecting my partner’s and my intimacy. I attended a Q & A session held at Dr. DeNevi’s office first. I knew that Dr. DeNevi had undergone the procedure herself so I trusted her skill, knowledge, training and experience and knew I was in the best possible hands.


The 3-part procedure was completed over the span of a few months right in Dr. DeNevi’s office, another plus. Each procedure was quick and painless with no anesthesia needed. Dr. DeNevi and her staff made sure I was comfortable and explained what was happening every step of the way. Post-procedure care was minimal, quick and easy too. I began noticing significant improvements to the way I felt during intimacy especially after the second treatment. Improvements increased even more after the third. My partner noticed a change too. There were noticeable increases in elasticity, lubrication and overall enjoyment. I can relax and enjoy intimacy with my partner again. We don’t need the “extras” we needed before just to initiate and sustain intimacy.


I cannot emphasize enough the positive change to the quality of my intimate life after undergoing the MonaLisa treatments. Spontaneity, excitement and enjoyment are back. I feel more confident and able to enjoy this part of my life again. And it’s a great feeling knowing that I took control of my personal health with the best possible outcome...”

- J.A. April 2017


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